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Team Earbud (Left to right: Sagar Rijhwani, Sarah Henderson, Ford Springer and Spencer Lee)

Technology Looking for a Problem and Solution

As part of the PIL Project, Team Earbud had the opportunity of being given a technology and tasked with finding a problem and a solution.
Two people in graduation regalia holding up a diploma

MEM Fall 2022 Graduation Ceremony

The Fall 2022 MEM Graduation Ceremony was live-streamed so all the friends, families, and MEM community could celebrate this event.
The cover of the 2022 Fall/Winter inGear Magazine

inGear is HERE!

The latest edition of inGear Magazine is HERE! Get your copy of the 2022 Fall/Winter inGear Magazine today.
Abby Lampe raising the wheel of cheese over her head at the bottom of Cooper's Hill

World Champ of Cheese

See how Abby Lampe applied what she learned at NC State to become the world champion of one of the most bizarre sporting events in the world.
Stores along Main Street in Littleton, NC

They Put Their Money Where Their Hearts Are

Littleton, NC's population has dwindled and businesses have shut down. Thankfully, Ed and Deb Fitts have returned to restore the town and ensure its future.
Rick Coffey | McCreary Modern

Lean Manufacturing on Steroids!

When most people have written off domestic furniture manufacturing, Rick Coffey reinvents domestic furniture manufacturing at McCreary Modern, Inc.
5 Questions with Anita Vila

5 Questions with Anita Vila

ISE alumna Anita Vila shared her wealth of experience and knowledge from a career in healthcare, education and technology.
A man laying on a couch eating chips

Top 4 Reasons YOU Don’t Get Involved

There are several reasons why alums choose not to engage with their alma maters. We look at the top four.
Ashley Williams standing on a basketball court

Williams Returns Home

After receiving her master's degree and coaching at some other universities, ISE alum Ashley Williams returns to NC State.
It has Never Been “About Paul” | Paul Cohen

It has Never Been “About Paul”

Paul Cohen earned a long prestigious list of accomplishments, honors and national awards. If you ask anyone who knows him, it has never been "about Paul."