Supply Chain Engineering and Management | Master of Engineering Management | NC State

Supply Chain Engineering and Management

The Supply Chain Engineering and Management Concentration strives to address the growing need for professionals, like you, skilled in planning, designing and controlling complex systems.

Through courses led by top faculty members at the Colleges of Engineering and Management, you will cover topics in relationship building, modeling and analysis and strategic operations management while focusing on the supply chain foundations from a technical engineering perspective.

You will regularly interact with real-world companies, meeting with company representatives and participating in mock interviews.

A MEM with a concentration in Supply Chain Engineering and Management prepares you to integrate the flow of materials, finances and information from suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to the final customer. You will coordinate and integrate these flows both within and among companies.

From manufacturing to data analysis, there are very few areas of business that supply chain management doesn’t touch upon. With so many roles and career paths, finding a position that matches your interests and experience and will be a great fit for you should be easy.


CONCENTRATION: Supply Chain Engineering and ManagementCredits
CORE Subtotal
(ISE 754 required as part of CORE)
Take one course:
MBA 541 Supply Chain Relationships 13
MBA 590 Operations Analysis3
Take three courses:3
ISE 552 Design and Control of Production and Service Systems 13
ISE 553 Modeling and Analysis of Supply Chains 13
MBA 543 Planning and Control Systems 13
MBA 590 Strategic Operations Management3
ISE 511 Supply Chain Economics and Decision Making 1
ISE 535 Python Programming for Industrial & Systems Engineers 13
EM 675 Engineering Management Masters Project
(or substitute practicum with approval)
MBA 549 Supply Chain Management Practicum 1
(or substitute practicum with approval)

1 Course taught both on-campus and online.

The Master of Engineering Management with a supply chain concentration helps you gain knowledge and skills to:

  • Build relationships with suppliers
  • Manage the flow of information
  • Understand how each department within an industry must work together to be successful
  • Use an analytical approach for complicated situations in the process and make decisions for success
  • Organize sourcing processes, negotiate contracts, evaluate options, analyze a process, service or production process, and design and deliver a network.

This degree program prepares you for a complete list of tasks, including:

  • Collecting, storing, processing and analyzing data
  • Reporting detailed statistics and patterns
  • Drawing conclusions and insights
  • Making actionable recommendations