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The faculty members of the Master of Engineering Management are a diverse group of individuals from the Colleges of Engineering, Management and Sciences. The faculty and staff at NC State have made a commitment to your success. They share their personal business experience and academic expertise with you both in the classroom and one-on-one as advisors. Our class sizes allow the faculty to get to know you as individuals, whether on-campus or online.

Adjunct Assistant Professor | Lecturer




Assistant Professor


Walter Clark Chair & Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor




Director of Graduate Program and Certificate Program


Professor and Head of Communications Department

E.I. Clancy Distinguished Professor


Associate Professor


Foscue Distinguished Professor


Lecturer and Senior Construction Extension Specialist


Associate Professor


Professor of the Practice

Associate Professor


James T. Ryan Professor


Associate Professor




What Makes a Good Faculty?

Faculty Cares about their Students

MEM faculty members make you feel like you are not alone. They became educators to make a difference in others’ lives, and you, their student, are an opportunity for them to do just that. Their job is to prepare you for the future and help you discover what your passions are in life. Talking with them allows them to share their wisdom and encourage you to pursue what you love in life.

They are Passionate about the Subject

Our faculty members’ passion is not only for you, the student, but also for the content they teach. Many speak of their love for their subject matter, and they believe that the best educators are the ones who can communicate their passion for the subject to you.

Faculty is Knowledgeable about the Subject

For passionate teachers, teaching does not so much complement their expertise as it completes it. For the MEM faculty, knowing a subject completely is being able to teach it. They believe that teaching and publishing work together for mutual improvement.

They are Always Learning in their Field

MEM professors believe that the one thing that remains consistent in the profession is the absolute need for constant learning. They expect you to maintain a growth mindset, so they must be what we expect as well.