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A student using a 3D printer in an advanced manufacturing class as part of their Master of Engineering Management at NC State University.

Advanced Manufacturing

Last Updated: 05/22/2024 | All information is accurate and still up-to-date

The Advanced Manufacturing Concentration teaches you essential skills to tackle big problems using big data, automation, robotics, nanomanufacturing, and 3-D printing. These abilities are crucial for modern manufacturing and can drastically enhance production efficiency and innovation.

These advanced manufacturing skills are very important in the US. Since 2018, jobs needing these skills have increased by 56%, according to Deloitte’s 2022 report. In the US, 2.1 million of these jobs will need to be filled by 2030. North Carolina has over 200 advanced manufacturing companies, including a top 20 World Company in Raleigh.

You will learn from top teachers in the Colleges of Engineering and the Poole College of Management. Courses include manufacturing, automated systems, entrepreneurship, materials science and design optimization.

Additionally, you will gain hands-on experience through practical projects and industry collaborations. This combination will prepare you to lead and grow the manufacturing industry with new technologies. Graduates will be well-equipped to drive innovation and efficiency in various sectors.


CONCENTRATION: Advanced ManufacturingCredits
CORE Subtotal15
Take four courses:
ISE 515 Manufacturing Process Engineering 13
ISE 555 Digital Manufacturing3
ISE 589 Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing3
ISE 589 Introduction to Biomedical Design and Manufacturing3
ISE 714 Product Manufacturing Engineering for the Medical Device Industry3
ISE 716 Automated Systems Engineering 13
ISE 718 Micro/Nano-Scale Fabrication and Manufacturing 13
ISE 725 Foundations of Smart Manufacturing 13
ISE 748 Quality Engineering3
MAE 517 Advanced Precision Manufacturing for Products, Systems and Processes 13
MAE 531 Engineering Design Optimization 13
MAE 545 Metrology For Precision Manufacturing3
MAE 789 Advanced Metal Additive Manufacturing3
MSE 500 Modern Concepts in Materials Science 13
MSE 539 Advanced Materials3
MSE 540 Processing of Metallic Materials 13
MSE 556 Composite Materials 13
MSE 580 Materials Forensics and Degradation 13
MSE 705 Mechanical Behavior Of Engineering Materials3
MSE 576 Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization I3
MSE 577 Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization II3
Take one course:
ISE 589 Introduction to Product Development
(or substitute practicum with approval)
MAE 526 Fundamentals of Product Design3
EM 675 Engineering Management Masters Project
(or substitute practicum with approval)

1 Course taught both on-campus and online.

2 Course is offered online only.

Advanced Manufacturing Knowledge and Skills Gained

The Master of Engineering Management with an advanced manufacturing concentration will give you important knowledge and skills.

  • First, you will develop as a practitioner through projects in the classroom, industry and off-campus internships.
  • Next, you will research current and expected manufacturing system technologies.
  • Then, you will apply new processes and disruptive technologies to improve how the US manufactures things.
  • You will also help companies transition to new technologies that automate the production processes.

You will study manufacturing systems and processes used in:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Power Electronics
  • Micro/Nano-scale materials and processes
  • Other high-tech products