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Fitts-Woolard Hall

Last Updated: 07/01/2024 | All information is accurate and still up-to-date

About Fitts-Woolard Hall

Along with the MEM Program, Fitts-Woolard Hall (FWH), the College of Engineering’s newest building, houses the:

This building brought the College together on Centennial Campus through a special partnership. With half of the $150 million funding coming from North Carolina voters and the rest from private donations, NC State completed this 227,000-square-foot building.

Named after key supporters (Edward P. Fitts, Jr. (ISE ‘61), his wife, Debra, Edgar S. Woolard, Jr. (ISE ‘56), and his wife, Peggy), Fitts-Woolard Hall symbolizes the dedication of alumni and friends in advancing the College’s mission. This facility is an innovation center that promotes interdisciplinary research and industry collaboration.

Fitts-Woolard Hall southern entrance faces the Hunt Library
The Angel Family Plaza is Fitts-Woolard Hall's entrance to the second floor
Inside Fitts-Woolard Hall are the functional art walls
Fitts Woolard Hall has many conference rooms and study areas like this throughout the building
Fitts-Woolard Hall's structural staircases are designed so that engineers can study their performance

From the Dean

Jim Pfaendtner | Dean
Dean Jim Pfaendtner

I want to welcome you to Fitts-Woolard Hall. The building itself was constructed with an “engineering on display” theme. The laboratory spaces, especially on the first and second floors, are front and center so that you, our visitors, can see the vital work that’s going on in the building. We’re talking about advanced interdisciplinary work in manufacturing, smart construction, health systems engineering, environmental engineering and many other areas.

The building itself will serve as a classroom because we will see and capture real-time data on energy consumption, water usage and many other metrics associated with engineering. For example, the stairs act as a teaching lab. The exposed truss system on the stairs enables professors and students to analyze the structure. This information is something they will use in their classes.

I want to thank everyone who has made FWH a reality. We appreciate the interest and commitment of the alumni, industry partners and North Carolina people. Our commitment is to make you proud of being part of this great university every day.

Giving Opportunities

North Carolina and the university have contributed funds; alumni and friends are needed for the rest. Your support is crucial to kickstart this impactful project for future students.

The Cornerstone Society

You can name a space in the new building for $100,000. Your name will be permanently linked to the chosen space, acknowledged in FWH, and honored with a special biography. Plus, enjoy special events and the new building dedication as a Cornerstone Society member.

Dean’s Oval Club

The Dean’s Oval Club encourages individuals and companies to back the Fitts-Woolard Hall Project. Launched by former Dean Louis A. Martin-Vega and his wife, Mrs. Maggie Martin, this exclusive club commenced through their leadership donation. Contributing $50,000 to $100,000 secures your membership in this esteemed group. Once you join, you will receive an acknowledgment with a donor profile in FWH, as well as exclusive event invitations.

The Dean’s Young Alumni Oval Club

You, as a young alumni up to 15 years post-graduation, can join the Dean’s Young Alumni Oval Club. By contributing $25,000 over five years, you will become part of this prestigious group. Enjoy permanent recognition, donor profile placement at Fitts-Woolard Hall, and special event invitations as a member.

Fitts-Woolard Hall Project Fund

There are opportunities for every level of giving. Are you ready to get started? Complete the FWH Project Fund Pledge Form. Do you prefer a downloadable version of the form? Get your FWH Project Fund Pledge Form (PDF).

For information on supporting Fitts-Woolard Hall, please get in touch with Griffin Lamb, executive director of major gifts and campaign planning for the NC State Engineering Foundation, at (919) 515-7458 or