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Last Updated: 02/09/2024 and all information on this page is accurate and up-to-date

The Analytics Concentration strives to address the growing need for professionals like you, skilled in big data and data analytics in industry, government and research organizations.

According to the World Economic Forum forecasts, data analysts will be in high demand in companies around the world. In the United States, the need for these professionals has grown sixfold, and data analysts will continue to be in demand over the next five years. The reason for all this is quite simple. The amount of data we create is growing year after year. This enormous amount of information needs to be managed and analyzed.

Through courses led by top faculty members at the Colleges of Engineering, Management and Sciences, you will cover topics in data mining, Python programming and operations analysis while focusing on the foundations of analytics from a technical engineering perspective.

A MEM with a concentration in Analytics prepares you to transform large data streams into understandable and actionable information to make decisions. The industries that require analytics professionals include healthcare, defense, smart manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, finance, security, marketing, athletics and human resources.


CONCENTRATION: AnalyticsCredits
CORE Subtotal15
Take four courses:
EM 589 Practical Machine Learning for Engineering Analytics3
ISE 519 Database Applications in ISE3
ISE 535 Python Programming for Industrial & Systems Engineers 13
ISE 537 Data Science for Industrial and Systems Engineering3
MBA 544 Operations Analysis 1 3
MBA 545 Decision Making under Uncertainty 1 33
OR/CE 537 Computer Methods and Applications
ST 555 Statistical Programming I 1 33
ST 558 Data Science for Statisticians 2
ST 562 Data Mining with SAS Enterprise Miner 33
ST 563 Introduction to Statistical Learning 2
DSC prefix courses, 400-level or higher3
Take one course:
EM 675 Engineering Management Masters Project
(or substitute practicum with approval)
ISE 677 Industrial Engineering Projects
(or substitute practicum with approval)
MBA 559 Business Analytics Practicum
(or substitute practicum with approval)

1 Course taught both on-campus and online.

2 Course is offered online only.

3 Open to non-majors.

The Master of Engineering Management with an analytics concentration helps you gain knowledge and skills to:

  • Use tools and methods for data mining, data visualization, and big data processing to produce reports for analysis and decision-making
  • Develop data-driven projects
  • Understand and explain the results of data analysis to decision-makers
  • Improve systems and processes with data analytics
  • Design and build large databases
  • Apply methods like statistics, optimization and machine learning to solve complicated problems

This degree program prepares you for a complete list of tasks, including:

  • Collecting, storing, processing and analyzing data
  • Reporting detailed statistics and patterns
  • Drawing conclusions and insights
  • Making actionable recommendations
  • Designing and managing data analytics projects