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There are eight (8) Engineering Management Concentrations within the Master of Engineering Management Program at NC State University.

Engineering Management Certificates

Last Updated: 02/09/2024 and all information is still up-to-date

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The Engineering Management Certificate is a graduate program that will help advance your career as you look to take on more responsibility or move into a management role. The program provides you with the principles and foundational concepts for the planning and management of industrial and technical pursuits. The certificate is available on-campus and online through our Engineering Online Program.

This certificate provides an option that would meet the demand for the key concepts and provide a graduate certificate for those unsure about committing to an entire master’s degree program. By design, successful certificate completion would also cover 40 percent of the MEM degree. Further, the certificate curriculum intentionally requires little to no prerequisites, making you highly marketable.

If you decide to transfer courses into a master’s degree program, like MEM, you should consult the Director of the Graduate Certificate Program (DGCP) regarding specific requirements. Also, note that NC State requires a B or higher grade to transfer into a master’s degree program per the Graduate Student Handbook (Section 3.1.D). 


The Foundations Certificate strives to teach professionals like you the skills necessary to:

  • Show an understanding of critical concepts for engineering leadership, organizational communication and communication techniques for working with various stakeholders 
  • Understand and apply basic financial concepts to analyze alternatives for projects of multiple lengths and cash flows 
  • Apply conceptional, analytical and practical tools to plan and manage a project with various stakeholders 
  • Identify quantitative tools and analytical methods available for solving multiple problems
  • Effectively communicate quantitative information to technical and non-technical audiences 
Certificate of Foundations in Engineering Management | NC State University


The Analytics Certificate strives to address the growing need for professionals like you, skilled in big data and data analytics in industry, government and research organizations.

Through courses led by top faculty members at the Colleges of Engineering, Management and Sciences, you will cover topics in data mining, Python programming and operations analysis while focusing on the foundations of analytics from a technical engineering perspective.

Man standing in front of a large screen full of data which he can understand because he chose analytics as his engineering management concentration at NC State University