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A student receiving their engineering management certificate.

Engineering Management Certificates

Last Updated: 06/19/2024 | All information is accurate and still up-to-date

Choose One of our Engineering Management Certificates

Graduate-level Engineering Management Certificates can help advance your career quickly as you seek more responsibility or aim for a management role. You can pursue this certificate either on-campus or online through our Engineering Online Program.

The certificates offer an option that meets the demand for key concepts and provides a graduate certificate for those unsure about committing to a full master’s degree program. Successfully completing the certificate also covers 40 percent of the MEM degree, designed to be highly marketable with minimal prerequisites.

If you plan to transfer courses into a master’s degree program, such as MEM, it’s important to consult the Director of the Graduate Certificate Program (DGCP) for specific requirements. Additionally, note that NC State requires a grade of B or higher for course transfer into a master’s degree program, as per the Graduate Student Handbook


The Analytics Certificate aims to meet the increasing demand for professionals like you, who are skilled in big data and data analytics across various industries, government sectors, and research organizations.

In this certificate program, led by top faculty members from the Colleges of Engineering, Management, and Sciences, you will delve into topics such as data mining, Python programming, and operations analysis. Additionally, you will focus on the foundational aspects of analytics from a technical engineering perspective.

A student sitting at a laptop working on his analytics certificate from NC State University