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There are eight (8) Engineering Management Concentrations within the Master of Engineering Management Program at NC State University.

Engineering Management Concentrations

Last Updated: 02/03/2022 and all information on this page is accurate and up-to-date

Choose from Eight Different Engineering Management Concentrations

NC State’s Engineering Management Program provides you with a choice of eight (8) concentrations, including a “Build Your Own” option and a professional practice option. These concentrations benefit from our expertise in health and human systems, supply chain managementfacilities engineeringadvanced manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and analytics. Our carefully crafted concentrations enable you to identify and plan for a future career path while providing you flexibility.

This type of specialization allows you to connect to the industries that have employed MEM graduates:

  • Pharma and life sciences (17%)
  • Computer hardware and software (14%)
  • Defense and aerospace (26%)
  • Civil, environmental and energy (7%)
  • Other tech industries (26%) 

Our concentration in Facilities Engineering meets the degree requirements and certification from US military branches for MEM degrees.

Advanced Manufacturing

The Advanced Manufacturing Concentration strives to teach professionals like you the skills necessary to tackle pressing manufacturing challenges using big data, automation, robotics, nanomanufacturing, and 3-D printing.

Through courses led by top faculty members at the Colleges of Engineering and Management, you will cover topics in manufacturing and automated systems engineering, entrepreneurship, materials sciences, and engineering design optimization. You will take advanced manufacturing courses while simultaneously learning key management skills that complement your technical engineering background, preparing you to lead the manufacturing industry as it grows and adapts to new technologies.

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The Analytics Concentration strives to address the growing need for professionals like you, skilled in big data and data analytics in industry, government and research organizations.

Through courses led by top faculty members at the Colleges of Engineering, Management and Sciences, you will cover topics in data mining, python programming and operations analysis while focusing on the foundations of analytics from a technical engineering perspective.

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The Entrepreneurship concentration strives to prepare you for small business success by teaching you how to develop a strategic business plan, start a company and launch a product.

Through courses led by top faculty members at the Colleges of Engineering and Management, you will cover topics in high tech entrepreneurship, new product creation and venture opportunity analysis while focusing on the foundations of entrepreneurship from a technical engineering perspective.

Facilities Engineering

Facilities Engineering is one of eight Engineering Management Concentrations at NC State University when you pursue a Master of Engineering Management degree

Facilities engineering combines multidisciplinary engineering and management. It requires knowledge of all aspects of the physical facility, including the planning cycle, the buildings, infrastructure and people.

This discipline requires you to have an understanding of the “big picture” components of:

  • Facilities planning
  • Budget prioritization
  • Overall engineering and operations

Health and Human Systems

The Health Systems side of the concentration strives to address the growing need for professionals like you, who help ensure that their organizations have the medical, financial, and operational resources to serve various healthcare needs.

The Master of Engineering Management with a Human Systems Concentration provides an exciting career opportunity in industries like aviation, consumer products, educational technology, healthcare, military applications, cybersecurity and public safety.

Combining these two concentration areas into one gives you the technical expertise to be a successful leader in a wide range of industries where worker safety is of the utmost importance.

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Professional Practice

The Professional Practice Concentration strives to address the growing need for students, like you, to gain practical knowledge solving real-world problems while pursuing an advanced degree. That is why it offers you industry co-op experience and the opportunity to work on an Engineering Management practicum project for an employer and/or co-op provider.

Your internship/co-op fosters independent learning as you are expected to complete a real-world problem in an industrial environment and write and defend a thesis quality paper describing the experience. This experience, along with the academic coursework, makes you highly valuable professionally.

Supply Chain Engineering and Management

Supply Chain Engineering and Management

The Supply Chain Engineering and Management Concentration strives to address the growing need for professionals, like you, skilled in planning, designing and controlling complex systems.

A MEM with a concentration in Supply Chain Engineering and Management prepares you to integrate the flow of materials, finances and information from suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to the final customer. You will coordinate and integrate these flows both within and among companies.

Build Your Own

The Build Your Own Concentration caters to professionals, like you, who want the unique set of engineering and management skills to achieve their career goals and shape their futures.

This concentration is fully customizable, allowing you to pick your unique blend of engineering and management courses that best serve your professional goals. Working closely with faculty advisors, you will chart your own course.

Man standing in front of several gray doors but the one in the middle is red. This represents the Build Your Own concentration within the Engineering Management program at NC State University