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A student working on a health and human systems project as part of their Master of Engineering Management degree at NC State University.

Health and Human Systems Engineering

Last Updated: 05/23/2024 | All information is accurate and still up-to-date

Health Systems

The Health Systems side of the concentration aims to meet the growing need for professionals like you. You’ll ensure your organizations have the resources needed for diverse healthcare needs.

Courses with top faculty from the Colleges of Engineering and Textiles cover data science in healthcare, stochastic models, and medical decision-making. This focus will give you a strong foundation in health systems from an engineering perspective.

Choosing the Master of Engineering Management with a Health Systems Concentration offers an exciting career path if you wish to impact the lives of patients, families, and communities.

Human Systems

The Human Systems aspect targets professionals like you, ensuring organizations meet diverse human systems needs.

Taught by top faculty at the Colleges of Engineering and Textiles, courses delve into lean Six Sigma quality, biomechanics, and occupational safety. This emphasizes the technical engineering foundation of human systems.

Opting for the Master of Engineering Management with a Human Systems Concentration opens exciting career paths in various industries like aviation, consumer products, healthcare, and cybersecurity.

By merging these concentration areas, you gain the technical skills needed to lead successfully in industries prioritizing worker safety.


CONCENTRATION: Health and Human SystemsCredits
CORE Subtotal15
Take four courses:
EM/ISE 538 Practical Machine Learning for Engineering Analytics3
ISE 511 Supply Chain Economics and Decision Making3
ISE 520 Health Systems Performance Improvement I * 3
* ISE 520 is a prerequisite for ISE 521
ISE 525 Medical Decision Making 33
ISE 533 Service Systems Engineering 33
ISE 541 Occupational Safety Engineering3
ISE 544 Occupational Biomechanics3
ISE 547 Applications of Data Science in Healthcare 33
ISE 560 Stochastic Models in Industrial Engineering 13
ISE 562 Simulation Modeling3
TE 533 Lean Six Sigma Quality3
ISE 521 Health Systems Performance Improvement II *
(or substitute practicum with approval)
* ISE 520 is a prerequisite for ISE 521

1 Course taught both on-campus and online.

2 Course is offered online only.

3 Course is currently offered annually.