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Practicum Sponsorship

Welcome Practicum Sponsorship organizations. Thank you for your interest in hosting a practicum project as part of our students’ Master of Engineering Management degree program.

You may submit more than one Practicum Sponsorship form. Please use a separate submission form for each proposal. If you need to update your proposal, simply make another submission. We will treat your most recently submitted version as your final proposal.

Man holding a sign that reads, "Become a Sponsor" encouraging Practicum Sponsorship from organizations to help Engineering management students at NC State University

Practicum Sponsorship

  • Sponsoring Organization

  • If you are a large organization, please include the name of the sponsoring subunit.
  • Sponsor Liaison

  • Executive Sponsor

    If it is someone other than the sponsor liaison, please provide the information of the senior-most executive in your organization who will authorize the project.
  • Legal Contact

    If it is someone other than the sponsor liaison, please provide the information of the person who will be responsible for the NDA
  • Project Details

  • Along with a brief description of the project, please include any business goal(s.
  • No prior experience is required. It just helps us to know.

Sponsorship Benefits

For our students, interaction with real-world companies, like yours, is vital. One of the most important ways they receive that interaction is through a practicum project. During these projects, students apply their classroom knowledge to solve your real-world problem. Your project can cover virtually all aspects of engineering management, including engineering leadership, project management, risk and financial management and supply chain logistics. Your project is key, as students learn how to approach complicated situations and make decisions for success.

For each practicum project, students work throughout the semester in small teams, culminating with a presentation of their key findings and recommendations to key executives at your company. These recommendations frequently provide real cost reduction and process improvement benefits. Project sponsors gain working relationships with students and an inside track to future recruits.

Maybe Sponsoring a Senior Design Project is a Better Choice

Becoming a senior design sponsor is rewarding for both you and the undergraduate student team. Sponsorship is an opportunity to work with students who can analyze your proposal and provide a valuable solution.

To help you better understand, We have provided guidelines on what to expect from your student team. We have also listed what we want to see from you, our sponsor. So explore some of our past senior design projects and we look forward to working with you soon.