5 Questions with Dwij Bharadwaj

MEM: Describe NC State in one word.

Bharadwaj:  I would describe NC State as a “journey.” It has been a wonderful journey with much to learn and many new experiences. I have found friends and mentors in this journey and will always be grateful for it.

MEM: What are some of the best things that happened to you as part of MEM?

Bharadwaj: Some of the best things that happened during the course of my MEM program were Conference visits. I went to two conferences, the Disney Data & Analytics Conference (DDAC) and the Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Summit. At these conferences, I developed my understanding of industry trends, garnered further insights about the technology of the future, and met a lot of people who were experts in their field. It was an enriching experience!

MEM: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Bharadwaj: It would be not to take any undue pressure from things that exist only in my mind and keep doing my work. Being stressed only drops the quality of work and leads to overthinking.

MEM: What is the best recreational activity?

Bharadwaj: For me, the best recreational activity is to listen to music. Music can make you feel happy, pump you up, and make you feel confident; there is music for all types of emotions and it allows you to disconnect from the outside world for some time.

MEM: How has the MEM program prepared you for your career? 

Bharadwaj: MEM has equipped me with a wide plethora of technical and soft skills. It has given me the confidence to perform at the highest level and handle my responsibilities well. Furthermore, with my peers going into different fields, this program has helped me create an invaluable network for life.