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Last Updated: 11/14/2023 and all information on this page is accurate and up-to-date.

A MEMbassador is here to help our potential and current students with any questions or issues they may have.

To send a question to a MEMbassador, please email them at or contact an individual person using the forms below.

Dnyanal Gajanan Berde | MEM Student

Dnyanal Gajanan Berde

Dnyanal is an engineer turned product enthusiast with four years of experience in the ed-tech industry. She is pursuing a Master of Engineering Management at North Carolina State University. Previously, she was a Manager (product and business operations) at Talerang, a leading ed-tech start-up in India. As a product design lead, she drove the development of Talerang’s tech platform coordinating with the tech and content team for web and mobile apps. Additionally, she manages partnerships and end-to-end client experience for B2B and B2C clients. Before that, she worked at Atos Global as part of the Active Directory and IT Asset Management team. She managed files and folders for North American and European clients like ENEL, Bayer, etc. She’s a national-level athlete, a young leader, an impressive professional, and an exceptional team player.

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Dwij Bharadwaj | MEM Student

Dwij Bharadwaj

Dwij Bharadwaj is a fun-loving, curious individual who likes to learn and explore. He has an interesting professional journey; having done a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, he worked as a market analyst in the interest rate derivatives market and recently interned at HCL Technologies as a Global Engagement Management Intern. Fall 2023 is his last semester here at NC State University. You can find him trying new delicacies and adventures.

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Gowthami Lakshminarayana | MEM Student

Gowthami Lakshminarayana

Gowthami Lakshminarayana is a multi-passionate entrepreneur currently dedicated to her Master’s in Engineering Management with an entrepreneurship focus at NC State University. With prior experience as a product manager and CEO, she brings valuable insights to her academic pursuits. Outside of her academic commitments, she passionately hosts a podcast show for the MEM department. During her free time, you’ll often find her dancing, practicing yoga, and honing her chess skills, adding a vibrant dimension to her personality.

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Ben Stonefield | MEM Student

Ben Stonefield

Ben Stonefield is a graduate student at NC State University studying Engineering Management with a focus on Supply Chain Management. He received his undergraduate degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering at NC State as well. Stonefield’s areas of specialization are quality control, project management, and system improvement. He is a people person and loves getting to know others with similar passions. He serves in other roles such as the Vice President of the Engineering Management Graduate Student Association or the EMGSA. Stonefield is a Raleigh native and of course, a die-hard Wolfpack fan. Feel free to reach out and say hi! 

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Want to be a MEMbassador?

The Master of Engineering Management Program at NC State seeks highly qualified students to serve on our MEMbassador team. They provide high-quality service throughout the Program, develop leadership skills and further personal and professional growth. MEMbassadors are involved with activities related to outreach, recruiting, retention, and, most importantly, student success. They strive to enrich the educational experience for our students.

As a MEMbassador, you will promote the goals of the MEM Program and act as a mentor to newer students. You should be enthusiastic and have a good work ethic. You will work an average of 10 hours a week with occasional nights and weekends and participate in leadership training.  Opportunities exist for you to work over the summer as well. The MEMbassador Team is composed of more experienced engineering management students who are willing to help their fellow students.


  • High level of personal and professional character; willingness to develop leadership skills; commitment to serving on a team; dedication to delivering more than what is asked.
  • Enthusiasm about the impact of engineering and management on our College and NC State.
  • Availability to serve on our Team for at least two semesters.
  • Must have satisfactory academic progress toward your MEM degree and be in good standing with the university.


  • Attend MEMbassador Team training.
  • Attend most MEM-related events throughout the semester, like orientations, seminars, celebrations, etc.


Contact the Director of the MEM Program at