5 Questions with Gowthami Lakshminarayana

MEM: Describe NC State in one word. Why?

Lakshminarayana: Dynamic. NC State keeps me on my toes, always offering new challenges and opportunities for growth.

MEM: What is one thing you are trying to improve, and would appreciate any help?

Lakshminarayana: Right now, I’m on a mission to level up my product management skills. Are any Jedi masters out there willing to share their wisdom?

MEM: What are the best things that happened to you as part of MEM?

Lakshminarayana: Hosting my own podcast show with MEM, becoming an Ambassador, and starting peer mentorship have been incredible experiences that have enriched my journey in MEM.

MEM: Who is the most influential person for you?

Lakshminarayana: Jasmeen Bal, an engineering manager at Lucid Motors, has been incredibly influential. Working with her on a recent podcast was enlightening, and the insights she shared from our first call have left a lasting impact on me.

MEM: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

Lakshminarayana: The best advice I’ve received is to “express yourself.” By sharing your vision and dreams boldly, you attract the right people and opportunities into your life. It’s about being authentic and daring to dream big.