Five Questions with Raphael Ajaero

MEM: Describe NC State for you in one word. Why?

AJAERO: Institution. It is a space where I find myself acquiring new knowledge, developing personally, and imparting wisdom. Learning takes place as I gain a deeper understanding of myself, recognizing both my strengths and weaknesses when faced with new challenges from homework and projects. Growing involves actively seeking to enhance my abilities instead of longing for easier times, although occasionally I do yearn for simplicity. More than often, I find myself striving to acquire new skills to overcome my limitations. Teaching occurs through self-instruction and the practical application of new principles, which through my actions those around me can keep the good ones.

MEM: What is the best thing that has happened to you in MEM?

AJAERO: The best thing that has happened to me as part of MEM is yet to come which would be acquiring my Master of Science in Engineering Management degree, a significant goal I have set for myself. However, reflecting on my experience in four-year universities thus far, the highlight has been the opportunity to delve into coding and comprehend its intricacies. Now, I can confidently assert that it is not as complex as rocket science.

MEM: What is your daily routine for maintaining a healthy work/life balance?

AJAERO: Well, my routine was work, schoolwork and gym at the end of the day. I live a friendly lifestyle and am open to social time when I am less busy. 

MEM: What is one thing you are trying to improve and would appreciate any help?

AJAERO: Unfortunately, it is landing a decent job. As I am currently part of the people that got laid off from my place of work recently as a Computer Audit Technician.

MEM: What makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning?


There are three key aspects of my life that hold great significance. First is acknowledging I have god’s guidance as my friend. Second, I am blessed with an abundant family. Lastly, the aspiration for a brighter future, both in terms of financial muscle and the opportunity to share a joyful life with my future wife and family.