Five Questions with Maureen Anyanwu

MEM: Describe NC State for you in one word? Why?

ANYANWU: Community. During my time here, I have been fortunate to connect with so many very intelligent, diverse and interesting classmates, colleagues and professors through lectures/projects, advising sessions, my campus visits etc that have given me a deep appreciation for the #GoPack mentality and support community. 

MEM: What is your daily routine to maintain health work/life balance?

ANYANWU: I have learnt to prioritize personal time as I would any work meeting or school lecture. It’s easy to fall into the trap of labeling personal time as “other” or “if I have the time for it”. For me, maintaining a personal schedule and healthy boundaries have really allowed me to live a fuller, happier life whether at work or at home. 

MEM: What is your superpower?

ANYANWU: I think my superpower is empathy. I grew up as one of six children and I very early learnt how to feel and sense outside of myself, and in care of others. I’ve been very conscious about continuing to nurture this side of myself and it has unlocked amazing connections and relationships for me along the way. 

MEM: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

ANYANWU: The best piece of advice I ever received is a French proverb that my father would repeat as a mantra to me growing up; “Avec de la patience on arrive a tout” – with patience, we can achieve anything. 

MEM: Best recreational activity in your opinion? 

ANYANWU: Self care is the very best recreational activity in my opinion. Whether it is in the form of mindfulness and meditation, skin care or a cozy day binge-watching tv shows.