Five Questions with Corey Arnold

MEM: Describe NC State for you in one word. Why?

ARNOLD: Refreshing. NC State has a refreshing take on how to do things. There are so many different events to attend and things to do! I enjoy the camaraderie on campus and every person I get to meet. It’s a refreshing environment.

MEM: What is your daily routine for maintaining a healthy work/life balance?

ARNOLD: In my opinion, we must set boundaries for a healthy work/life balance. I set aside time at least five days a week for a good workout. I love to cook and spend my evenings destressing in the kitchen. My wife and I try to enjoy at least one meal together daily. We also like to explore and find new things to do. This time together allows me to recharge and keep my life balanced.

MEM: What makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning?

ARNOLD: Honestly, I’m excited to get out of bed in the morning because of the thought of going back to sleep at night. I’m a big fan of sleep. I love getting my solid 8 hours every night. I love falling asleep early to wake up early and get a good workout before my day begins. I would sleep for 12 hours minimum if I could.

MEM: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

ARNOLD: One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received is that just because you come from somewhere doesn’t mean you must stay there. The world is an ever-changing place. Our goal in life should be to better ourselves and better our surroundings. If you don’t like the trajectory of your life, change it! Explore the world and figure out what the best path is for you.

MEM: What is the best recreational activity in your opinion?

ARNOLD: I believe the best recreational activity is tennis. I have spent the majority of my life playing tennis, both competitively and leisurely. You can play as a team sport or a solitary event. I enjoy it because I’m able to push my body. You must recognize someone’s next move before they make it, so it keeps you on your toes. I can get out of my head when I play tennis and focus solely on the task of playing. A tennis court is one of my happiest places.