New Leader, Fresh Horizons

The Master of Engineering Management Program (MEM) is rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing programs in the College of Engineering. Thanks to the efforts of MEM interim director Brandon McConnell and program specialist Latha Dombro, the program’s growth has promoted the need to hire more forward-thinking people. One of these people is Kalene Thomas, the new assistant director of MEM.
Before this role, Thomas worked as an academic advisor, helping students succeed in their studies and choose the right career paths. “She is passionate about helping students succeed, and her track record with the College of Engineering supports that,” explained McConnell when discussing why Thomas was the right choice for the program.
Thomas, an NC State alum, earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial and systems engineering. Her gratitude for the department is evident as she expresses, “I credit the department with so much of my growth,” highlighting its pivotal role in shaping her academic and personal journey. She plans to use that experience in her new role to help grow and improve the MEM Program.
As the assistant director, Thomas will be involved in various aspects of the program, from starting new projects to helping with everyday tasks. Her role will significantly influence the program’s direction. With Thomas as the new assistant director, McConnell is optimistic about what she will bring to the program. “I am excited about the future of the MEM program,” he said. ”Students will see increased efficiency and access to services while the program continues to grow as part of our engineering expansion.”