5 Questions with Hassan Almuzel

MEM: Describe NC State in one word. Why?

ALMUZEL: Opportunities. NC State is a place where you can discover career opportunities that are suitable for you. Studying at NC State allows you to work and learn from highly experienced people who are open to helping you find out your interests and career goals. In addition, many of the classes have group projects that are carefully designed to expand your learning and develop the skills you need when working with a team.

MEM: What are the best things that have happened to you as part of MEM?

ALMUZEL: The MEM Program provides an excellent opportunity to interact with people from different industries. They arrange for Think and Lead sessions that are held weekly and invite people from various industries to talk about their experiences. I believe interacting with people from different backgrounds and experiences allows students to define and enhance their career objectives, and I encourage every student to benefit from attending these sessions.

MEM: What excites you to get out of bed in the morning?

ALMUZEL: Excitement for the future. I am very excited about the future and consider the time I spend here at NC State to be an investment for a brighter future.

MEM: What is your superpower?

ALMUZEL: I am very organized at work and know how to utilize the available resources to get the job done. I love to be prepared, and I prepare for any day in advance. During my experience as a management consultant, I used to develop a to-do list for myself and for the team I was leading before the start of each day. Communication is a key. It is not enough to be organized to utilize this approach.

MEM: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

ALMUZEL: Believe in yourself and believe in your skills and capabilities. I remember when I started my career as a consultant. I was not confident, and I used to worry that my work would not meet client expectations. This might be normal for people who are at the beginning of their career journey, but I am glad that I had a great manager who guided me. Sometimes, we put barriers upon ourselves, which might reduce and affect our productivity at work.