Five Questions with Thiago Nardi Velazquez

MEM: Describe NC State for you in one word. Why?

NARDI VELAZQUEZ: NC State, for me, is a place to grow, experience, and challenge myself learning skills and machinery that will help me in the future. Open new horizons and open myself to learn things beyond my imagination while applying them to the real world. NC State will help me create a clearer path to what comes next in my life.

MEM: What makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning?

NARDI VELAZQUEZ: Wake up knowing I will be gaining new life experiences and challenges along the day. I don’t think anything can beat finishing up your day and thinking about all you have learned or opportunities that could arise from just one single day.

MEM: What is your daily routine to maintain a healthy work/life balance?

NARDI VELAZQUEZ: I make myself wake up early every morning, starting with a good workout at the gym, then make sure to keep that energy throughout the day for classes and work, and on many occasions, even finishing the day with some pickup soccer or intramural. This also includes a healthy habit when eating.

MEM: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

NARDI VELAZQUEZ: Never give up, even if it means failing multiple times during the process. That could be failing an exam, getting back on pace after suffering an injury, or even failing yourself as a person.

MEM: Who has been the most influential person to you?

NARDI VELAZQUEZ: Has to be my parents. They have been there by my side every time I have achieved my goals, but most importantly been there in my dark moments where I would feel like nothing positive could come to my life. Been there every step of the way