Five Questions with Julie Ivy

MEM: Describe NC State in one word for you.

IVY: Collaborative

MEM: What is the best thing that happened to you as part of the MEM program? 

IVY: I got to meet some of the best students. It is amazing to have those first connections with people when they are pursuing their dreams to learn more about them and their background, along with what their desires are. I think it is a very unique and special position where you get to connect with people but then also have the ability to try to help them realize their dreams and their visions. Sometimes maybe help them see things that they might not see. That’s one of the best things. 

MEM: What is your daily routine to maintain your work/life balance in a healthy way? 

IVY: I will say I don’t think that there is a balance. I think that you are kind of shifting priorities as you have different needs, and sometimes we put this work/life balance which is almost an impossible-possible vision. I have been quoting Stacey Abrams and one of her books – work life jenga, which is a good analogy for keeping this tower standing. I have three children and a husband, and I work full time along with lots of students as a program director, so there is a lot of juggling. But I go to my son’s band concert whenever they are and move things around, so I make sure that happens. My parents are aging, so I also think about them and make sure I can be supportive. At the same time, I make sure to take care of my academic children. So my house and my office are not as clean as they really should be, but I am okay with that. Email is not my friend as it should be, but if you reach out and put a meeting on my calendar, I will meet with you.

MEM: What is one thing you are currently working on to improve and would appreciate any help?

IVY: I would like to improve my digital presence, and it takes time to invest in. So that is why I often say do as I say, not necessarily as I do. My LinkedIn could be way better, and I could work on it from time to time. Back to the balance question, maybe I would like to start working out or doing a little bit more me time because that’s good for you. I used to do water aerobics. I need to start going back to doing things like that. 

MEM: What is your superpower?

IVY: I don’t know if this is true, but I will put this out there. I think that I tend to be empathetic, so I try to think about what others are feeling and try to think from their perspective. Sometimes I take a step back before reacting even though I am also an Aries which could mean I am a little hot-headed sometimes, but I always ensure I work around it.