Latha Dombro Joins MEM Team

As the fall semester gets underway, the MEM Program has a new smiling face running the office, welcome Latha Dombro. She brings an extensive background in student services experience from her time at NC Central University, where she cared for more than 1500 students. “I love working directly with students to help them find their niche and flourish,” confided Dombro. “This passion will directly help me assist the MEM students in obtaining their goals and going further than they could imagine.”

Like many from the Northeastern US, Dombro wanted to try something new. So she moved to Raleigh, looking for warmer weather and milder winters. “I decided Raleigh would best fit my two children and me,” said Dombro. “I didn’t think twice when I chose to come to NC State. It felt right and fit perfectly in the ‘puzzle of life’ I was putting together.”

Picking up and moving halfway across the country might seem daunting, but it’s right in Dombro’s wheelhouse. “I’ve lived in many different places,” she explained. “I have lived in nine different states and traveled to 11 different countries. She has lived in New Zealand for a year and on a sailboat for a year. “Needless to say, I love to have different experiences and try new things.”

Dombro is excited by the opportunity to join the MEM Program while it is still relatively new. “Coming in now allows me to look at what has been implemented, converse with students to find out their needs or wants from the program, and then mold the program to help better suit them,” shared Dombro. She is also excited to be a part of building the program, seeing it grow, and being able to say, “I was a part of that!”

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