C.A. Anderson Awards 2022 Makes History

Once again, ISE’s stars shined brightly together for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged at the C.A. Anderson Awards 2022. And shine brilliantly they did, making C.A. Anderson history with the first-ever tie for the coveted Anderson Award! One of our newest faculty members, Nur Ozaltin, and the retiring Paul Cohen won the night in a satisfying display of bookending.

Ozaltin joined the ISE faculty as a teaching assistant professor last year and taught supply chain economics, engineering economic analysis and computer-based modeling to graduate and undergraduate students. Her winning the Anderson Award this early in her career shows her skill in teaching the next generation of industrial engineers, which will only grow with experience.

In contrast, Cohen is an ISE veteran, having served as the previous Department Head and teaching numerous generations of ISE professionals. After such a stellar career with the department, it’s only fitting that he earns the Anderson Award before he retires in June.

Along with the Anderson Award, many ISE honors were handed out at this year’s C.A. Anderson Awards 2022. Congratulations to the following winners!!!

  • Outstanding Service Impact – Maria Mayorga
  • Outstanding Research – CS Nam
  • Faculty Scholar Award – Karen Chen
  • Staff Member of the Year – Debbie Allgood-Station
  • Distinguished Dissertation – Karl Schuchard
  • Outstanding Doctoral Scholar – Kimia Vahdat and Linfeng Wu
  • Outstanding Master’s Student – Ashwin Ramachandran
  • Outstanding Master’s Thesis – Claudia Alvarado
  • MEM Scholar – Alexandra Rader
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant – Gimantha Perera
  • Shook Mentor Awards – Pavel Koprov, Meriem Laroussi, Shohananuzzaman Shohan and Zachary Traylor
  • Outstanding Senior (tie) – Tafui Leggard and Connor Simpson
  • APM Outstanding Sophomore – Katie Hodges

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