5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Degree in Engineering Management

If you want to move into management, here are 5 reasons that getting an Engineering Management degree is a great place to start that career move. There are certainly more than 5 reasons, but these should be enough to convince you that you are making a wise decision.

1.MOVE TO MANAGEMENT. Successful engineering managers have the skills to mentor and motivate technical professionals. A Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree not only broadens your crucial management skills, but it also deepens your critical analytical, science and engineering talents. This combination of skills is what you need to succeed in today’s complex technical environments.

2.BETTER THAN AN MBA. While comparing a MEM to an MBA is an assessment of highly regarded programs, both will prepare you to be a proficient leader with a curriculum in management and leadership, decision making, communications, economics, marketing and operations.

But, an engineering management degree will make you a better fit for today’s technology companies. That is because a MEM program requires a STEM-related undergraduate degree for admission. A MEM degree gives you an advantage over an MBA where most students graduate with a non-technical education.

3.DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONALS. Unlike many advanced degrees that typically take two years to complete, a MEM degree can be completed in as little as 12 months. Many universities offer both on-campus and online programs to give you the flexibility to fit it into your busy schedule. When considering where you will get your degree, make sure that the university offers both programs.

4.SPECIALIZATION. Many universities offer concentration areas within their Engineering Management programs. These tracks allow you to focus specifically on the job role and career goals you have in mind. Again, when considering where you will pursue your degree, make sure the university offers many concentration areas so you can choose the skills you need for your potential job role.

5.ENGINEERING MANAGERS ARE IN DEMAND. National employer demand for masters-level engineering managers increased by 59 percent between 2013 and 2017. Engineering management degrees provide you the skills necessary to manage and succeed in today’s complex engineering environments and put you in high demand.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an engineering manager’s median salary is $137,720 per year.