Shourya Verma

Build your Own

As a certified scrum product owner with a Master of Engineering Management degree from North Carolina State University, specializing in Product Management, Shourya Verma brings a robust blend of technical and product skills to the table. With hands-on experience in Python, Figma, Jira, and a suite of Google tools among others, he excels in developing and executing product strategies that resonate with user needs and market trends.

Currently enhancing the GPS tracking solutions at TrackID as a student product management consultant, Verma has led initiatives that significantly improved customer satisfaction and engagement, alongside fostering cross-functional team collaboration for timely delivery of key product features. His tenure at Languify as an associate product manager saw him driving enhancements in AI speech recognition products, demonstrating his ability to influence and execute product roadmaps effectively.

Verma’s academic projects, like the F-35 Fighter Jet Alter System and a FinTech MVP for International Students, underscore his project management and product development capabilities. Beyond his professional and academic endeavors, Verma actively contributes to the North Carolina Project Management Institute, showcasing his commitment to industry engagement and continuous learning.

Verma is passionate about leveraging technology to solve complex problems and am always on the lookout for challenging opportunities in product management that can benefit from his unique blend of skills and experiences.




Expected GraduationSpring 2025

Shourya Verma