Shivani Patel

Facilities Engineering

My name is Shivani, and I am from the Asheville area of North Carolina. I did my undergrad at NC State in ECE. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here, which is why I am back! I wanted to pursue a MEM with a facilities concentration because I feel like it would be the best track for me. Ideally, I would like to work with larger companies, more specifically those involved with renewable energy and solar panels. The MEM program allows me to take more engineering, leadership, and management classes. Hopefully, I can apply these skills and be able to take on a management position. And lastly, I think the most important things in life are my friends, family, and the environment.



Starting Semester

Fall 2022


BSEEBachelor of Science in Electrical EngineeringNC State University2022
BSCEBachelor of Science in Computer EngineeringNC State University2022

Awards and Honors

  • 2022 | MEM Leadership Graduate Fellowship

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Shivani Patel