Rhushikesh Shukla

Rhushikesh Shukla is a Master of Engineering Management Program student at NC State whose concentration is Build your Own. His passion for learning is deeply intertwined with his aptitude for problem-solving, especially when it involves getting to the heart of complex issues. Previously, he worked as a product development intern at BARC in Mumbai, where he gained invaluable practical experience in product development. Shukla is very curious, especially when it comes to understanding how various systems operate around the world and how different products meet global demands. This curiosity led him to pursue further studies in data analytics and project management through the MEM degree.

Beyond academics, Shukla’s interests extend to sports, both playing and watching especially cricket. He also has a deep appreciation for nature, and he loves capturing these moments with his camera, preserving the memories of the beautiful sights he encounters.

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BEChemical EngineeringUniversity of Mumbai2023

Awards and Honors

  • 2023 | Silver Medalist, University of Mumbai


Rhushikesh Shukla