Dan Harris


Dan Harris is a Lecturer in the Department of Statistics at NC State and an Adjunct Associate Teaching Professor in the School of Business at Wake Forest University. Prior to teaching, Dan spent over 30 years in technology, business development and strategy, and executive management roles with Corning Incorporated and as a private consultant.

Dr. Harris’ primary expertise lies in applying analytical methods to solve business and engineering problems. His range of experience includes use of statistical methods and design of experiments for manufacturing and engineering process development, forecasting and simulation techniques applied to strategy and business development, and advanced analytics for market analysis and product definition and design.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degrees from Georgia Tech, and he received MS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering as well as a Master of Statistics degree from NC State.




Impacts of Air Velocity Treatments under Summer Conditions: Part II-Heavy Broiler's Behavioral Response
Akter, S., Liu, Y., Cheng, B., Classen, J., Oviedo, E., Harris, D., & Wang-Li, L. (2022), ANIMALS, ["12"](9), [""]. https://doi.org/10.3390/ani12091050

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Dan Harris