Bhavya Sai Volepu


Bhavya Sai Volepu is a Master of Engineering Management Program student at NC State with a concentration in Analytics. She is ambitious and driven. She is a skilled data analyst with over 1.5 years of experience in mining, cleaning and analyzing large datasets to improve organizational efficiency and growth. Bhavya is proficient in Python, SQL, Excel, and Tableau, R, SAS and Power BI. She is passionate about data and enjoys finding insights to drive positive organizational change. With a strong background in data visualization, she is able to turn complex data into actionable insights for teams.

Bhavya’s experience includes working with organizations such as Feeding America and Tata Consultancy Services, where she has made a tangible impact on their operations through data-driven decision-making. She is a quick learner and enjoys taking on new challenges. She always seeks new opportunities to grow her skills and make a difference.

For work inquiries, you can contact her at or Connect with Bhavya Sai Volepu on LinkedIn.




BECEBachelor of Electronics and Communication EngineeringVNR Vignana Jyothi Institute Of Technology2020

Bhavya Sai Volepu