Anagh Shrivastava


Anagh Shrivastava is a persistent, highly-motivated person who constantly tries to work on and overcome new challenges. He has worked as an operating systems infrastructure management intern at Thyssen Krupp in India and a digital Marketing management intern at Deepflux Algorithms in India. His restorative and analytical strengths help him analyze the symptoms, identify what is wrong and find the solutions to complex and unfamiliar problems. Shrivastava’s natural inclination towards computers, technology-driven learning and effective management has culminated in the decision to pursue a master’s in engineering management.

Shrivastava’s core competencies include data analytics, data visualization, strategic thinking and statistical analysis. He has hands-on experience with Python, SQL, Tableau, and R. He believes that he can help an organization in various areas of data analytics, visualization as well as manipulation of data and gain valuable experience and knowledge along the way. Shrivastava is familiar with the project lifecycle and flow. Because he started and oversaw several clubs and events during his undergrad, Shrivastava can also offer experience in teamwork and collaboration. Additionally, thanks to his internship experiences in both a large corporation and a start-up, he is fully aware of how crucial having a strong team dynamic is in the modern multi-disciplinary business environment.




BTEchBachelor of Technology in Computer Science and EngineeringRajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya University2022

Anagh Shrivastava