Khyati Desai


Khyati Desai is a Master of Engineering Management Program student at NC State whose concentration is Analytics. Being completely fascinated with innovation and product design led by user experience research is where she wants to be headed in her career path. With a Bachelor in Computer Engineering, experimenting with web development to virtual reality, she is really excited about learning and using data to transform our outlook towards pursuing any business questions backed by stats and analytics.

The Master in Engineering Management has given Desai the opportunity to connect with such bright-minded individuals and most importantly with industry driven professors. Her focus is towards learning about elevating the user experience, using research, design, analysis, communication and agility. Recently she finished her Co-op as a IT Business Analyst/Product Owner Intern with Aspida. SHe would love to connect with the upcoming talent in the MEM program at NC State. Go Pack!

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BSComputer EngineeringMumbai University2021

Khyati Desai