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Build Your Career with the NC State MEM Program

Welcome NC State Alumni to the MEM Program

Thank you for your interest in NC State’s Master of Engineering Management Program. We look forward to helping you build your career and believe our program is a great way to take it to new heights. We are sure you have many questions that we will try to cover here. But please feel free to shoot us your questions, thoughts or concerns below and one of our personal advisors will get you your answers quickly.

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Get Started in 3 Steps

Step 1: On-Campus? Online? Certificate? Which is Better for Me?

NC State’s Master of Engineering Management Program offers three options, on-campus, online and certificate programs. But which one is the right one for you? Each provides an excellent educational experience with many benefits. Before choosing a program, discover which method best suits your learning style and personality.

Choose a Program that Best Fits your Lifestyle

Students walking down the hall of a large building heading to their on-campus engineering classes

On-Campus Program

A traditional classroom allows you to meet face-to-face with your professor and classmates. Since you most likely attended class in-person from elementary through high school, this environment requires you to make the least adjustment.

There are reasons why on-campus learning has remained the traditional classroom experience. It allows you to quickly build community, get your questions answered right there and then as well as keep a structured schedule.

A student sitting at her laptop working of her online engineering degree from NC State University

Online Program

With resources such as video conferencing, online forums and constant communication, you have more ways to learn than ever.

One of the most notable benefits of online education is having a flexible schedule. Also, it deepens your self-discipline and motivational skills. This program allows you to connect with classmates from potentially all over the world.

A student choosing to pursue a Certificate of Foundations in Engineering Management at NC State University

Certificate Program

The Engineering Management Foundations Graduate Certificate is a 12 credit hour graduate program. By design, successful certificate completion would cover 40 percent of the MEM degree. Further, the certificate curriculum intentionally requires little to no prerequisites.

After starting the certificate program, if you decide to transfer to the Master of Engineering Management degree program, your credits may qualify.

Step 2: Choose from Eight Different Engineering Management Concentrations

NC State’s Engineering Management Program provides you with a choice of eight (8) concentrations, including a “Build Your Own” option and a professional practice option. These concentrations benefit from our expertise in health and human systems, supply chain managementfacilities engineeringadvanced manufacturingentrepreneurship, and analytics. Our carefully crafted concentrations enable you to identify and plan for a future career path while providing you flexibility.

Step 3: Apply to the MEM Program

Everything you need to know for the application process can be found on our Apply page.