Top 4 Reasons YOU Don’t Get Involved

“I already paid you what I owe.”

Yes. We understand that you may still have student loans or other forms of debt and are not in a place to support the Department financially. That’s why we created the FREE ISE Alumni Engagement Program (, which offers non-monetary ways to give back.

Volunteering is one of the most significant ways to impact a student’s experience. Sharing your expertise and wisdom to help prepare them for their careers is an invaluable resource. We offer one-time events and ongoing programs to fit your commitment level better. This help can be reviewing resumes, running mock interviews, speaking to students in class, offering internships and co-ops and giving industry tours. These enrich the students’ experience and prepare them for the future.

We would never want your volunteerism to cause you hardship. To see all the different ways you can share your expertise and wisdom and get answers to your most common volunteering questions on our volunteering page (

“What are you doing for me?”

Fair question. We understand that the typical alumnus-university relationship can be somewhat one-sided. We want to change that by offering you career and educational resources to help you further your career.

The first resource, Ask the Pack (, allows you to ask a network of 250,000 fellow NC State alum anything to help with your academic or professional development. Ask the Pack will connect you with the best person to help you with advice and introductions.

The second resource is the private ISE/OR/IMSEI/MEM Alumni Group on LinkedIn. With over 1300 members currently, it is an excellent resource for networking with your fellow alums, asking questions and finding job postings—both the Department and alumni post jobs in the group. ISE, OR, IMSEI and MEM alums, students, and faculty are encouraged to join the group by going to and clicking on the JOIN button.

There are also resources available that you can explore on our website ( We offer multiple webinars and podcasts for career advice that cover various subjects, from financial planning and retirement to leadership skills training. Our collection of certification and professional learning opportunities is another way to advance career and educational goals. Additionally, you may recall that access to the NC State Library was a great resource during your campus experience. NC State’s Friends of the Library program gives you online access and borrowing privileges. Even if you are not a North Carolina resident, every US state has a similar program to offer its residents access to a broad range of digital resources. We have collected all their information in one spot to use easily.

“You only call when you want money.”

Agreed. We don’t want you to feel like you are being solicited. We would never want your support of the Department to cause you hardship. Even when the University asks for help, we know that volunteering your time and sharing your experiences are just as important as financial gifts. 

We also understand our alums and friends give what they can. Your time and resources are valuable, and your drive to make a difference in a student’s life is greatly appreciated. Again, we offer many ways to give back, like flexible, one-time events, including volunteering your time through class presentations, panels and lectures. Dedicating a day to being a judge at ISE Senior Design Day is another way to give a small amount of your time. If you enjoy long-term projects, we have an Alumni-Student Mentoring Program or become a senior design sponsor. See more at (

“I don’t know where my money is going.” 

We can relate. Nobody wants to feel like their hard-earned money is going into some vast fund and spent on who knows what. 

All gifts to the Department allow our students and faculty to fulfill their dreams and positively impact their lives. Your gift can support scholarships, fellowships, professorships, academic programs and faculty research. Your generosity empowers ISE to achieve excellence in our research, teaching and public engagement mission. There are more than eight distinct funds you can contribute to directly.
Specifically, The ISE Enhancement Fund addresses one of the Department’s greatest needs, discretionary support. Every year we face the challenge of uncertain and shifting resources. Additionally, unexpected opportunities arise that require swift action. Discretionary funds allow the department head to respond quickly to these opportunities and challenges. Over the last few years, these funds have supported: senior design projects, awards recognition for students, new courses and programs, and more. Plus, you can always tell us where you want your donation to go. Not sure how you want to help? Contact Wanda Urbanska ( or 919.515.9976), and she will be happy to guide you through the process.